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  • Morse and Thursday's relationship was always one of the show's major high points, it always entertained and warmed the heart and with each episode it gets more so on both counts, with some moving and tense moments too
  • I'm afraid it takes a brilliant mind to write a brilliant detective
  • Brilliant, thoughtful, and extremely dangerous to unsuspecting villains, the Endeavour character is the most interesting of any British detective I've seen yet
  • Sinopsis: Worüber ist der Staffel 5 der Der junge Inspektor Morse serien
  • Other visitors that day were a party of school-girls from Blythe Mount school, where Morse goes, to find two teachers and seven girls staying there for the summer vacation
  • Sean Evans presents the shy, taciturn Morse in his younger days as a detective
  • Writing, as has been said many times in my reviews for the previous 'Endeavour' episodes, is every bit as intelligent, entertaining and tense as the previous episodes and as the best of 'Morse'
  • In diesen findet er viele Kreuzworträtsel, die seine Fähigkeiten für die Entschlüsselung geheimer Botschaften fordern
  • In the upper sinister quadrant is a pick-axe, or pick, while the lower dexter quadrant contains flowers of the genus Matthiola longipetela, also known as stocks
  • The gracious nature and prickly wit of Morse seems a reflection of the author, whose tastes in the arts are expressed irreverently and inevitably through Morse
  • Audiences have rarely been so fortunate in the bringing together of an author, a central character and a portrayer each of whom so brilliantly fulfilled his destiny in the same series of performances
  • Was very impressed by the pilot episode, even with a very understandable slight finding-its-feet feel that is true of a lot of shows, exceptions like 'Morse' itself, 'A Touch of Frost' and 'Midsomer Murders', which started off great and were remarkably well established, are fairly few
  • There is something very nostalgic and charming about the atmospherically evoked 1960s period detail
  • Chris Coghill is fine support and Sheila Hancock brings earthy mysticism to her role
  • It is exquisitely filmed and the idyllic and atmospheric setting was a very nice change from Oxford
  • As said in my review for the entire show two years ago, 'Endeavour' is not just a more than worthy prequel series to one of my favourite detective dramas of all time and goes very well with it, but it is a great series on its own as well
Only the Joan subplot didn't do much for me, too much dragged out soap-opera that is not as interesting as it could potentially have been and didn't add very much I loved it, am clamoring for more
He is fetching and keeps his own counsel as to personal matters, and we can see him developing into the ascerbic, driven chief detective we've come to love and respect Thursday's bravery is rewarded though he is less than
Inspector Morse is a British detective drama television series based on a series of novels by Colin Dexter Schnell ist er durch die raue Wirklichkeit bei der Strafverfolgung desilluioniert und möchte den Dienst quittieren — als er mit Kollegen nach Oxford geschickt wird um das Verschwinden einer fünfzehnjährigen Schülerin zu untersuchen
Overall, Season 4 ends on a fitting note Similarly, as always, the music is hauntingly beautiful with the way it's utilised never in question, the iconic 'Inspector Morse' theme will forever be immortal and it has always been a genius move to use it for 'Endeavour'
Roger Allam is also superb, his rapport with Evans always compels and entertains but Thursday is quite a sympathetic character, as well as loyal and firm, and Allam does a lot special with a role that could have been less interesting possibly in lesser hands Unfortunately, most writers of modern detective fiction achieve this conflict by making their detectives dimwitted and weak

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