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  • In life we care about the things that have deep meaning to us - family, friends, work, good times and the not so good times
  • 'TERE' derived from the Latin 'terra' meaning earth and 'MANA', the Polynesian word meaning spirit - Teremana is the "Spirit of the Earth"
  • Let us know what you think by telling us your thoughts in our comments section below
  • This is an industry close to my heart and one who normally gives all of us so much support year-round
  • "No better way to celebrate my 397th birthday, than with all of us helping our favorite local restaurants get back on their feet, all while drinking some Teremana and enjoying our favorite guacamole," the actor, who will actually be turning 49 years old, quipped
  • These people need our help and support to get back in business…
  • If that's not commitment, I don't know what is
  • 99 per 750ml
In February this year, as the brand expanded its production capacity Top Selling Blanco Tequilla Teremana Blanco Small Batch Tequila Shop Dwayne Johnson Blanco Tequila, this tequila is Gluten Free and a Small Batch Tequila made for the true passionate tequila lover
" he wrote on the post You deserve it! Of any spirit, ever
TEREMANA combines two words that are meaningful From there, they take the agave and roast them for three days in a brick oven
It was pretty smooth and the hint from the orange was a nice taste for context Clooney sold his Casamigos tequila brand at roughly 175,000 cases
Mana, passion, positivity, hard work and fun whipped up a Watermelon Manarita, which he dubbed the "official drink of the summer
Patent and Trademark Office with the brand name "Mana Teremana Tequila is reportedly on track to sell 300,000 9-liter cases by March 2021
Our tequila is no different In a recent Instagram post in front of his distillery, The Rock announced the name of the line, Teremana Tequila
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will soon join George Clooney, Ryan Reynolds, and John Legend in the celebs-in-the-alcohol-game club
  • Not bad for just five days
  • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED• Dwayne "The Rock"Johnson cofounded Teremana Tequila alongside his business partners Dany Garcia, Ken Austin and Jenna Fagnan not pictured
  • This creates a bright flavorful tequila that honors the land it comes from
  • Let's go help them out, enjoy some amazing drinks and food and say thank you for all they do
  • It only consists of 96 calories in 1
  • Teremana contains no sugar, carbohydrates, and is certified gluten-free
  • You get a pretty good deal on a bottle and I think most tequila drinkers will enjoy it or prefer it

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