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This makes people uncomfortable and in their defense when they feel you come at that too strong they tell you are way too emotional and moody. This sign rules the north direction. Yea she lies and gets mad and all but hey, she is who she is. Nonetheless, it is a cause for others to feel intimidated by you. The sag is one of the saddest zodiac as they carry burdens that are more visible to eye than a ghost, which means they don't let you see them but it's right there. You feel very uncomfortable when people are being overly emotional. This happen to me more then once. Scorpio being a good strategist, usually manages to get support in trying times.
A Pisces puts everything onto the table Not careless regarding your duties and responsibilities in life but just regarding the negative things others do and say against you
They are very disciplined when they communicate with their siblings or neighbors Pffff lol ive seen people on this forum blame the other placements
Aries are extremists either they are really mad or really happy either way they can be loyal only when it's convenient as they are always out for themselves What's sicker is that they smile while telling their oh so sick stories
I believe in equality and I love spending time with people from all walks of life so Aquarians uses their terminal uniqueness as an excuse for their lack of love and affection in their personal relationships, but in the end, believing they are geniuses could lead them to having a breakdown
Cancers are also misunderstood as most will say they are manipulative and indirect but sometimes this is necessary like in the game of chess one must be strategic Hell for you is the baby and wedding showers that aren't your own
You'll be dirty, uncomfortable, hungry, and miserable It can be intimidating, being loved that much
Not to gernalize but christ I have never met more selfish egotistical people You can also read our very famous articles on and
Everything you hate, they to do, and all the things you're interested in, they can't stand Finally she can see a funny side to most things I get the misunderstood thing, I was just telling my scorp about my pass
For me Capcricorns often get on my nerves They find balance in their life by giving donations
They are terrible at being still, at just existing S, she shows a typical aquarian personality in the show
  • Aquariuses are mostly inventive and scholarly
  • It becomes kind of frustrating for them because being the person you, the spotlight is always on you
  • Shine close friend : Probably Gemini
  • Capricorn sun sun in Capricorn , Capricorn moon moon in Capricorn and Capricorn rising Capricorn ascendant
  • Too many people think they can use their as an excuse to act like a jerk, but this is just plain lazy
  • They hide behind a mask of mystery and secrecy, trying to hide the obvious fact that they feel unloved, which drives them almost paranoid and leads them to treating their relationships like a series of political power plays
  • Some say they are jealous and possesive but to those leos who haven't learned the important lesson of self love
  • Dont get me wrong she had friends and did well at school but it was a very emotional time for her

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