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And along with it, it can also erupt a lot of gas This amounts to 40 percent of Pemex's total output of around 1
— CBS News CBSNews Pemex, a state-owned petroleum company, said a lightning storm with heavy rain affected some of the pipeline equipment — at the same time that a gas leak had been detected in the pipeline — Judge Dave Anthony PsyD, PHD, MD, Esquire
The company told Reuters it would investigate the cause of the fire Angel Carrizales, executive director of Mexico's security, energy and environment agency, that the pipeline did not generate a spill
The impact on the environment there is probably quite minimal, and of course it's a natural event Mark - We're not a hundred percent sure because of course it's not something that we can easily test, but there's two main ideas
the ocean is on fire Sally - What are the environmental consequences of these fires happening in these oceans? 30 am EDT
Sally - So you've got this liquid mud, you've got these bubbles of natural gas erupting Both lined up with video footage and thermal anomalies detected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: The Ignatiy Stone Bank mud volcano also known as Dashly Island and the Kumany Bank mud volcano
These people are pouring water into the ocean 15 am local time 6
The fire occurred about 6 miles from the Umid gas field, south of Baku, the Azerbaijani capital The fire, according to Martin, was just 400 meters from an oil platform
The striking videos show ships - dwarfed by the size of the blaze - dousing water onto the orange swell that resembles molten lava Newsweek has asked Pemex for comment

It took more than five hours to bring the fire under control.

El accidente mantiene un incendio sobre la superficie, no se reportan lesionados.

A Pemex pipeline leak caused a fire in the Gulf of Mexico on Friday.

There's been a lot of simulation that suggests that just the very sharp drop in pressure could be enough to ignite the gas on its own.

Azerbaijan and its Caspian coastline are home to around , nearly a third of the world's mud volcanoes.

But mud volcanoes do contribute significantly to Earth's natural methane budget, that of course we take into account when we're looking at the impact on the climate cycle.

" On Sunday, "the ocean is on fire again".

In 2012 another 30 people were killed after a natural gas plant explosion in the state of Tamaulipas.

It just looks like it.

  • Video of part of the ocean in flames in the Gulf of Mexico has now been viewed more than 20 million times after a leak from a gas pipeline caused a fire off the Yucatan peninsula
  • In reality, it's not the water that's on fire, it is just the gas
  • They do erupt quite a lot of oil
  • The company said that interconnection valves were closed in order to control the gas leak and bring the fire under control
  • It's unclear exactly how they might ignite, but the pressure change or sparks in the mud caused by rocks smashing into each other during an eruption could explain the fireballs, Tingay notes
  • One of the most popular videos quickly racked up more than

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