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Liske Mon, 12:15—13:45, Bibliothek INF, Jungiusstr Hillert TBA C
Schomerus Thu, 11:15—12:45, SR 2, Building 2a, Bahrenfeld Elliptic Operators and Topology S Pomoni, T
9 G 9 Fri, 14:15—15:45, SR 2, Jungiusstr
Moch Mon, 8:30—10:00, HS 3, Jungiusstr : Scope This legal notice is also valid for the services which are offered behind the following domains:• 9 E
Moodle provides instructors with various communication channels Peters, C
9 Problem Classes: Fri, 12:00—13:30, SR 1, Jungiusstr Our Video Production Portfolio• 11 G
  • 9 C
  • 9 R
  • 9 Problem classes: Thu, 15:15—16:45, Poolraum 1, Jungiusstr
  • A collection of short videos for easy access to lab equipment and basic working techniques for beginning chemistry students
  • Regulations for digital oral exams in the physics department can be found in only available in German
  • Complete activities anywhere, anytime - attempt quizzes, post in forums, play SCORM packages, edit wiki pages and more - both on and off-line
  • Diehl, J
  • In this digital script, the asynchronous activities messages and notifications are presented
0 or above Based on the review, the website is partially compliant with the aforementioned requirements due to the following incompatibilities and exceptions
A library of approximately seven instructional videos that clearly demonstrates and explains the key experimental techniques of both biochemistry practicals from pipetting to handling cell cultures Lernplattformen , und• You have a video recording and want to redefine the beginning and the end of the video or divide a longer recording into several shorter sequences? with
This tutorial will show you how to configure OBS to successfully record lectures on your computer Guides Moodle• Result: The website is already well-designed for all users in many areas
9 Problem Classes: Tue, 10 Weiglein Mon, 11:15—12:45, SR 2, Building 2a M
Feedback and Contact Do you notice any faults in the accessible design of lab 9 Fri, 12:00—13:30, SR 2, Jungiusstr
and more! To access your Moodle or MoodleCloud sites on your mobile devices, please ask your site administrator to enable mobile services Haller, G
With Zoom, you can quickly and easily conduct video conferences, sharing your screen or a presentation and exchanging ideas via a chat function Jupyter allows platform-independent data analysis, plotting, and annotation to be organized
Banerjee Mon, 12:30—14:00, SR 3, Jungiusstr Servant Tue, 9:15—10:45, SR 2, Building 2a, Bahrenfeld Fri, 9:15—10:00, SR 2, Building 2a, Bahrenfeld Problem Classes: Fri, 10:00—10:45, SR 2, Building 2a, Bahrenfeld Course Lecturer Date and place W
See the and for all the latest information Sala, K
Horns Thu, 9:00—10:30, SR 6, Jungiusstr js, it will be designed to be accessible

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