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  • Fast reducers or oxidizers also generally are relatively temporary, although chloramines are definitely a fast reducer that is not temporary
  • By Post Author I have recently 8 days ago setup a 125 gallon aquarium as a tetra Diamond, Gold, and Neon only tank…no fish have been added to the tank yet
  • Thanks Hi Jane, Did you cycle your tank before adding your fish? 8 for my stock, GH is kinda ok for them since neons and corydoras enjoy soft water, but I think my KH is very low
  • I have some questions: What is the pH of your tap water? 9 ppm
  • I have no experience with Seachem Neutral Regulator, however, reading your description, it sounds like an interesting If it can do all that, then it sounds like the easier option to get your pH to 7 then go about increasing KH from there? So it is imperative to replace elements such as negatively charged ions of calcium, magnesium, etc that are oxidized due to this process
  • I have no fish in the tank or plants
  • This will give you a better opportunity to react to how it is affecting your pH
  • Since water changes which also aid in oxidation, which is the other side of the equation can only be done in intervals
  • However ROS are not intrinsically destructive; on the contrary, increasing evidence shows that they play necessary roles in normal signal transduction
  • Any advice, hints, tips will be much, much appreciated
Enter the details of your pond and receive a complete pond diagnosis This is why even prolonged stress can lead to illness and even death and why under stressful conditions having ample reducers such as a constant supply of positively charged calcium ions or TRUE UVC sterilization is so important! Although less conclusive at this time, high PAR lighting usually found in lights with an approximate Kelvin of 6500 K , also aids in replenishing reducing electrons due to depleted reducing minerals
This leads to an unsafe drop in pH that can make the water toxic for fish and plants This is also where water changes and UV Sterilization also help as these processes constantly balance out Redox
And just to confuse you more, you may also hear KH referred to as the following…• What could it be? This aspect of a UV Sterilizer is so often missed or even utilized by those who own a true UV Sterilizer but only run a UV after a problem has a occurred I am not adding anything else to the tank
Well, these acids react with the crushed coral, causing it to release calcium and carbonate into your water, raising both the KH and GH In aquariums, pH levels tend to drop over time, so when KH is raised, more acid is neutralized and pH tends to stay higher
Crushed coral can either be mixed in with your or placed in a and added to your filter Increasing KH will also Increase pH, which is allready high
Fill the test tube with water from your aquarium and add chlorine test drops Another concern of mine is i have tested all the bottled waters i can buy including the tap water and the one i use like the rest has 8
Addition of positive mineral ions in between water changes, especially during times of stress or high bio loads can increase the Redox Reduction to counter oxidative affects on fish Carbonate hardness• My normal PH is on the high range anyways
Best of all, there is an alkalinity buffer designed to match exactly what you stock in your aquarium… Freshwater Tank Alkalinity Buffer Marine Tank Alkalinity Buffer Reef Tank Alkalinity Buffer There are even alkalinity buffers designed for specific species of fish, including…• Substances which have the ability to counteract active oxygen by supplying electrons are called scavengers Calcium Bentonite is a natural clay formed from the weathering of volcanic ash in the presence of water and has the potential of adding essential mineral ions back into the water column
While both have the word hardness in their name, they measure different parameters of your water Tested the KH again the next day and KH is still 16 dKH

But is it really true? 2 degrees and a Tetra Whisper 20 filter using disposable filter cartridge with activated charcoal.

Shake it up and use 1 drop of the mixture for each 1 gallon of water in the tank.

I just have a quick question, I cannot for my life of me get me tank to cycle and I was told to check my KH.

Weekly water changes on a large tank can require a surprising amount of water.

I did not see and appreciable difference.

Hi Steven, Yes, you are correct with your thinking.

Thank you very much Mert Hi Ian, You are right to be confused, since English is not my mother tongue, i might have done some mistakes in writing.

Also, your beneficial bacteria lives in your filter.

50 nitrite anything from 2 to 4 nitrate 10 light copper colour the ph is 6.

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