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Fuck you and your faggot values! Mironenko launched her blog on the popular European site in early 2010, and carved out her own place in the blogosphere writing about a variety of standard-issue topics Not long after, Miro began posting as Mrs
If the content is not graphic or explicit in nature, it should not be reported as explicitly adult because it is not classified as such under our Several times on her blog, trolls in her comments section have insulted Russia
Lena Miro—who also goes by the names and pseudonyms Mrs It is one of the largest universities in Central Russia, and has produced Nobel laureates, academics, and ministers
He went on to say there was nothing else like it on earth, and he credited Elena M
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Another trigger, apparently, is glamorous women who have survived car accidents and gone on to build a family.

After a trip to Burning Man in 2016, a photo of the Russian brunette appeared on fantasy photographer Instagram page.

A woman of many opinions—most of which appear to be negative—she decided to start her own blog on Live Journal.

Prior to her alleged marriage to Rich, rumors were rife that Miro was dating a man in his 70s.

LiveJournal is a social networking service similar to Blogger and HubSpot, where users can host a blog or journal for free.

READ MORE: Lena Miro — Net Worth Miro earns most of her wealth from managing her blog where she writes about progressive topics, like, mental health advocacy, celebrities, and sexuality.

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I have enough of self respect not to to travel to places where people have too many complexes to respect the Russians.

The blogger, currently living in Boulder CO with her husband, is famous in Russia for her fat-shaming, homofobic and racist posts.

Moreover, Miro has a YouTube channel with more than 17,100 subscribers on which she runs advertisements.

This distinguishes it from Novy Oskol—New Oskol—which is around 35 miles south.

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But is there more to Lena Miro than throwing shade and launching toxic tirades at fellow online personalities? If you believe this content doesn't meet the criteria above, but violates including, but not limited to, the content not abiding to the requirements of the applicable laws , you need to.

Richard Pryde Hughes III on her blog and in comments, she posted on her social media.


She also has several books that can be purchased on Amazon.

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