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The series will debut in December 2021.

The Manhattan Beach Studios set is referred to as a "volume", which is traditionally the name for stages.

And just as with the , there are plenty of new revelations and new mysteries for fans to ponder over in the months to come.

We previously explored Disney's penchant for using companion products like books, comics, and games to fill in the storytelling blanks from their Star Wars sequel movies - check out how much you'd have to pay to get the full story of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in the video below: This criticism might seem a little hypocritical coming from me since I gave the episodes featuring legacy characters the highest review scores this season, but that's exactly what makes Disney's strategy so canny.


and spinkle on some generic obstacles and voila — we got an episode! This is a mostly spoiler-free review of Season 2 that doesn't include specific plot details for the episodes, but it will mention the characters who have been officially announced to be leading their own spinoff shows.

Several actors appear as characters from previous Star Wars media, including as , as , as , as , and as.

Aside from the cliffhangers in season 1, we got some exciting news about season 2.

Will Baby Yoda and Luke Skywalker Return? Housman, Andrew November 20, 2019.

Photo credit: Lucasfilm Lt.

  • Jones, Doug Chiang, David Lazan and Amanda Serino for "" Pending Matthew Wood, David Acord, Richard Quinn, James Spencer, Benjamin A
  • " We may be waiting a while for Season 3, which will reportedly debut after The Book of Boba Fett finishes airing in December 2021, but after that jaw-dropping Season 2 finale, the possibilities for what's ahead are endless, and it feels like there's never been a better time to be a Star Wars fan
  • Retrieved April 20, 2021
  • Jones, Jeff Wisniewski, Amanda Serino for "" Won Brian Sipe, Alexei Dmitriew, Carlton Coleman, Samantha Ward, Scott Stoddard, Mike Ornelaz and Sabrina Castro for "" Nominated Andrew S
  • There are only 8 episodes — our heads should be spinning with all the plot points and twists that the writers are trying to cram into each episode! from the original on October 5, 2018
  • Considering that every other major piece of casting leaked online before the season premiered, it's particularly impressive that executive producers Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni managed to preserve that particular surprise
  • jpeg","caption":"The Magistrate Diana Lee Inosanto in The Mandalorian Chapter 13
  • Retrieved May 4, 2020
  • Bo-Katan needs her people to know she won the blade in honorable combat, proving that Mandalore has a strong, righteous leader again
He becomes the Mandalorian's ward, and his name is revealed to be Grogu in "" In January 2013, president stated that his network would be discussing potential live-action Star Wars television series with after the latter had been sold by Lucas to ABC's parent company in October 2012
Retrieved December 18, 2020 Unbeknownst to them, Moff Gideon has the Darksaber, a Mandalorian relic belonging to the leader of the Mandalorians
Thorne, Will December 18, 2020 Retrieved March 1, 2020
However, that series will almost certainly be animated rather than live-action Hipes, Patrick April 6, 2021
ignimgs Ahsoka [ ] A limited series titled Ahsoka, featuring Dawson reprising her role as Ahsoka Tano, was revealed in December 2020 with Filoni writing and executive producing alongside Favreau
jpeg","caption":"A stormtrooper in The Mandalorian, Season 2, Chapter 14 Other than the all-but-confirmed Boba Fett reveal, the plots of the first two episodes are insular
The droid was a dangerous assassin before Kuiil reprogrammed him, but thanks to the Ugnaught's parenting, he becomes a protector and helper instead Grogu a
Star described the series as taking the undertones from the "and infusing it with steroids" On October 3, Favreau announced that the series was titled The Mandalorian and revealed the premise for the show
Based in London with support from ILM's San Francisco, Vancouver, and Singapore locations, one of the first projects for the new division was The Mandalorian Retrieved February 3, 2021

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