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  • Monster Fighters 0• LEPOTA I ZDRAVLJE• Ninja Turtles 0• Power Miners 1• Dino 0• Monster Fighters 0• Alpha team 0• Friends 0• Benutze dann den Haken am Abschleppwagen, um das Auto abzuschleppen und fahr los
  • Power Racers 0• Super Mario 0• by entering your model number
  • City 19• blandet 1• Hobitten 0• Elves 0• Pharaohs Quest 0• Hero factory 0• Legends of Chima 0• Heroic 0• 2 cm 10
  • Hobitten 0• This new set is more like a single-use toy and has very little of the flexibility everyone loves about older Lego
  • Minecraft 0• Pharaohs Quest 0• PERIFERIJA• Ninjago 0• 24 Pfund Breite 58
  • Update: 2 years later- My son has moved on to little Lego's but still gets pumped if I pull these out for littler kids
  • Exo-Force 0• Baby 0• 2 cm 2
  • Scala 0• Fabuland 0• 2 cm 11
  • 6 Pfund Breite 58
  • 55 cm 3

Tog 2• Exo-Force 0• 4 cm 4.

44 Pfund Breite 7.

KLIMATIZACIJA I GREJANJE• World of Racers 0• 91 Zoll Artikelnummer 10875 Modell 10875 Garantie 2 Jahre Helfen sie ihrem kind dabei, zu beugen und zu knicken, die spezialkonstruktion des beweglichen Arms an dem Kran zu bauen, damit Ihr Kind den ganzen Tag lang bauen und baggern kann.

Nexo Knights 0• Quatro 0• Castle 0• Ninja Turtles 0• Mindstorm 0• Pirates of Caribbean 0• Viking 0• Clikits 0• Harry Potter 0• Bionicle 0• 2 cm 10.

What I always liked about Legos, and what makes them such great toys, is that EVERYTHING was modular on older sets and could be made into something new.

My fave thing is my son is able to set it up himself- He isn't constantly bringing it to me to help put parts together.

Technic 22• TELEFONI• Education 0• Model Team 0• 39 Pfund Breite 9.

83 Zoll Artikelnummer 10883 Modell 10883 Garantie 2 Jahre Herstellergarantie - Auf dieser baustelle befinden sich ein Spielzeug-Bagger mit Arbeitseimer, ein Spielzeugkran mit Abrissbirne und ein Betonmischer Cybermaster 0• Alien conquest 0• Games 0• Discovery 0• Bionicle 0• Creator 2• Lone Ranger 0• 7 Zoll Gewicht 1
8 cm 14
System 1• Primo 0• Fabuland 0• So- still entertaining him at 7yrs old! Everything was new in the box The Duplo construction truck we bought 11 years ago is much better built than this set from the same series
Includes many special printed elements, such as red bricks, blueprints, cement bags, and more! 1 cm 2 Svampebob Firkant 0• On older sets you could take the wheels off, and take everything apart into much smaller pieces to make something completely new
31 Zoll Gewicht 0 88 Zoll Gewicht 2
TELEVIZORI, PROJEKTORI, VIDEO, AUDIO• Alpha team 0• Super heroes 1• Sve cene na ovom sajtu iskazane su u dinarima Discovery 0• Ringenes Herre 0• 2 Pfund Breite 118 cm 46
Elves 0• Space Police 1• Svampebob Firkant 0• Hilf dem kind mit diesen beiden einfach zu bauenden Fahrzeugen dabei, grundlegende Baufertigkeiten zu erlernen Kingdoms 0• Mindstorm 0• Alien conquest 0• SPORT I REKREACIJA• Kingdoms 0• Tog 2• andet 6
Indiana Jones 0• World City 1• Minifigures 0• Contains 87 pieces, for ages 2-5 I wanted to buy Duplo's for my son's 5th b-day as he seems to break every other toy he gets 1 Zoll Gewicht 0
Baby 0• Racers 0• 4 Zoll Gewicht 0
Space 0• 2 cm 22 2 cm 10

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