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  • You need this one
  • Strategies for using Golem The Golem can be very easy to counter on its own
  • It can also push back ALL ground troops in the game and is thus a good value card
  • This deck focuses on counter pushing
  • Then we have decks like Ice Bow and BattleRam Bridgespam, which have their own place in the game
  • You know how Elixir Golem have more health then a Giant? Electro Dragon: Flying Fortress
  • PEKKA can also be used on them if you have another way of taking care of the Golem
  • and with a positive elixir trade
  • Try to activate your king tower using your Tornado where possible
  • The Golem is a powerful melee unit that targets buildings and upon death, he deals area damage around him that disperses and knocks back defending units
Graveyard have immense defense power, and the 4 elixir you return to them after they defended your push is perfect for Graveyard Golem decks are a heavy beat down deck, you should defend as lightly as possible and in most circumstances counter push the opposite lane
Back in the day, Golem was one of the most used win conditions This is the rock of your defense and you need to defend it well
This is applicable against most light decks , It is important to realize that Golem players are typically willing to sacrifice their tower health to gain an elixir advantage
You would get your E-Golem back in cycle after defending, which you can counter push with the remaining troops once again E-Golem is no exception
Wait for your opponent to make the first move While you can invest an Elixir Golem at the back at the start of a game, it is not the best move as your opponent can rush the other lane and force you to defend the opposite lane, thus separating your support and your tank No Problem
Would be a shame if I pull them into the centre of my raged push It is recommended to cast Rage spell on your push when you have 3 or more spell resistance troops in your push
They do have Rocket if you clumped too many troops in one place so be aware of that Check
Decks for using Golem Deck 1 Matchups The Golem struggles against the Inferno Tower and heavy tanks like the PEKKA Both dragons are good at defending while staying healthy, because they are flying ranged units
To be updated Final Words You know, I thought of an analogy when I explain the concept of Elixir Golem to one of my friends at school, and it go like this Really great value, good utility
Deploy a Baby Dragon at the corner to avoid King Tower activation• Place the E-Drag over the bridge at the instant Golem crosses the bridge The lightning chain travels around 3
She deals well with Mega Knight and Bandit too Battle Healer is good if she can preserve over half of her health, as she can heal herself back up
Monkees will go aggressive with the golem early game, he will do this if they play a heavy tank, if he knows he has a good elixir lead or the opponent wastes a unit like pekka Nothing should go wrong

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