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  • These will be modified, relocated, or made redundant
  • Continental must therefore adjust its production capacity to the declining market trend in order to secure the competitiveness and future viability of its remaining tire production in the long term
  • " The Hanover-based company announced just two weeks ago that it would expand its restructuring programme
  • In its second resolution, the Supervisory Board approved the decision of the Executive Board to discontinue the production of automotive electronics in Karben by the end of 2023 and close the location by the end of 2024
  • The discontinuation of production in Aachen is unavoidable due to the massive structural overcapacity in the European tire market
  • co-pace Start-up Organization• Group Strategy• The thin 1
  • Group Communications and Public Affairs• This highly puncture and tear-resistant material significantly reduces the risk of a catastrophic loss of fuel in the event of an accident
  • We have thus substantially enhanced its competitiveness and increased its future viability
  • At the same time, Continental is thus aligning to a new growth model with increasing connected, safe and zero-emission mobility
  • Image for representational purposes In its meeting, the Supervisory Board of Continental AG approved the structural measures at the German locations Aachen, Karben and Regensburg as well as the termination of the joint venture with Osram
  • In a fourth resolution, the Supervisory Board approved the termination of the joint venture with Osram
  • Long service life and resistance to a broad range of fuels and other media• In a further resolution, the Supervisory Board approved the transformation of the Regensburg location, thus strengthening the clear commitment to its future
  • All collected data are analyzed anonymously
  • Collapsible Fuel Tanks Continental produces collapsible fuel tanks for use in aircraft, helicopters, boats and vehicles
  • In a reconciliation of interests and comprehensive social plan, Continental and the employee representatives of the tire plant in Aachen have agreed on the general conditions for the socially responsible discontinuation of tire production by the end of 2022 at the latest
  • Year of birth: 1971 Appointed until: March 2024 First appointed: August 2009 Chairman of the Executive Board Chairman of the Automotive Board Additionally responsible for:• In addition to financial compensation, the social plan includes numerous measures to provide the best possible support for affected employees during the transformation phase
  • Continental is thus responding to the structural transformation in the automotive industry and the sharp decrease in global vehicle production since 2018
  • to the USA
  • In addition, up to 500 employees are to remain at the tire plant in 2023
Group Total Quality Management• There is therefore a risk that the transmission of your personal data may result in state authorities accessing your personal data without you having effective legal protection options The company states that the reason for discontinuing tire production at this site specifically is due to overcapacity, with the plant being consistently underutilized in recent years
Resolutions regarding Aachen, Karben, and Regensburg, as well as the joint venture with Osram In its first resolution, the Supervisory Board approved the decision of the Executive Board to discontinue production in the tire plant in Aachen at the end of 2021 In the case of certain third party providers, such as Google and Mouseflow, no other guarantees are offered to compensate for this deficit
Special manufacturing processes allow for the manufacture of a diverse range of complex fuel tanks This also includes the participants of the roundtable for the city of Aachen that was set up for this discussion
For employees close to retirement age, the extension will also simplify the transfer to a statutory pension At the same time, the company feels the advancing digitalization and the associated proliferation of software in the car provides the potential to assign new tasks to the site and to develop and produce competitive solutions
Also read: Structural program: All central functions and business units worldwide to contribute to structural program As part of the structural program, all central functions and business units are contributing to the targeted savings and optimizations at all locations in Germany and abroad However, according to trade union IG BCE, which represents the company's rubber division employees, the factory was "in the black" up until the spring of 2020
"The cuts in the rubber business can't be explained either by the transformation of the car industry or by the coronavirus crisis Continental is thus responding to the change in requirements with the increase in electrification and digitalization, as well as to the historic crisis in the automotive industry
About 900 jobs will be affected by the decision Frankfurt am Main -German car parts maker Continental on Tuesday said it plans to close a tyre plant, costing 1,800 jobs, in the latest blow to the beleaguered auto industry
It is also to serve as the base for the management team Continental is now well positioned to do this

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