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The Balance of Performance BoP weight regulations were the car weight allowance range must be 2,436—2,513 1,105—1,140 in 2015-2016 later changed to 2,414—2,513 1,095—1,140 from the mid-2017 season One-piece, no lower than 100—105 3
A fair comparison would be both series cars using the same fuel type The 2007-2009 seasons were marked by the dominance of Audi
Meanwhile all electronic devices were upgraded due to new Class One regulations Earpieces also required by Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters drivers to improve communication listening
Have you made a New Year's resolution yet? The increased stress and speed of these tracks mean that the cars tended to be heavier, wider and have shorter wheelbases than F1 cars increasing stability but decreasing agility The Opels did not win in many of their race entries in the endurance racing series, as they were mainly testing, but the speed was said to be impressive, and the fans loved it
The cars are supposed to be fast and spectacular, while still fairly cheap to build and run Swede won the second of his two titles in 2007, and took the driver's championship in the following two years
This is a legacy of an incident at the second Hockenheimring race in 2008 that involving due to fuel spill after over refuelling The minimum weight for a Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters car was adjusted from 1,080 2,381 based on the weight of the driver compared to the field average; with the driver included, all cars had a minimum weight of 1,120 2,469 with a Balance of Performance weight allowance range of 1,095—1,140 2,414—2,513

F1 banned sculpted undersides in a bid to lower cornering speeds for 1983.

The valvetrain is still a dual overhead camshaft configuration with four valves per cylinder.

The engines were prototyped race custom-built similar to 2006-2013 , 1997-2011 engines and other naturally-aspirated V8 racing engines.

In both races, the drivers had to pit at least once for a set of fresh tyres.

After winning the championship in 2010, Paul di Resta raced from 2011 until 2013 for Mercedes-engined Formula One team.

As the body shape of the had rather poor aerodynamic properties, Abt was allowed to use a version with a stretched wheelbase and bodyshell in later years.

Explore with Russell twelve areas of emptiness you would find in The Twelve Ways of Christmas.

Race suit, Nomex underwear, gloves, socks, boots and headsocks are requiredly by driver.

Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters cars had up to 460 343 more compared to their Formula One counterparts, as early as in the 70s the cars had in excess of 1,000 hp.

  • Individual engine units under the 2019 specifications had to last for at least 6,000 3,728 before being replaced, in comparison to the pre-2019 engines, which were required to last for 10,000 6,214
  • We need to see that we cover important markets
  • Many drivers have in fact described the handling of the cars as closer to single seater racing cars than road cars
  • Performance weights were also introduced to determine the winning car's weight
  • The series is based in Germany, with rounds elsewhere in Europe, racing a based on a mass-produced road car
  • Also, in order to save money and provide close racing, many common parts from third party specialists are used, like transmission from , brakes from , wheels from and tyres

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