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  • Each map works in addition to the live travel information so that you can know which transport is best for you! Information updates: BVG Fahrinfo is the way to take city trips, we offer up to date travel information on all bus, train, tram and subway so that you can plan your route with the latest updates and avoid any delays by using the Live Information feature to get around Berlin or use the Commuter Alarm feature and receive a notification about changes to your journey
  • Single ticket• Remember, the train controllers work on weird incentives
  • Your saved destinations are there for you in the app
  • If you need a train, bus, bike, tram, car or a scooter we have you covered! Ticket purchase: Select the best travel route or check the Berlin travel maps to buy a ticket for any bus, train, tram or subway trip using the app just press on the travel option you want to take or your chosen route, then press on the ticket and you are good to go! Use classic bus, train and tram travel with transport options like car sharing, bike sharing and kick scooters to enhance your journey
  • Travel planner: BVG Fahrinfo has a map feature of all the different transport routes in the city and live travel information for all bus, train, tram and subway lines for Berlin and Brandenburg
  • No problem
  • PayPal• Are you late to a meeting in another part of the city and need to know the quickest route to work for all transport types? Short haul• They will still write you a ticket even as they see difficulty
  • Need to get home on the subway from your favourite restaurant or looking to pick up something sweet from your favourite store? Daily pass• Do you need to plan your connections and need access to all transport modes to plan your trip? You will be able to view multiple travel options to suit your needs and buy a ticket in the city
  • Monthly Ticket 10 a
  • BVG Fahrinfo has it all! With BVG Fahrinfo you are not limited to public transport options only but have multiple options to choose from
  • How does it work? Berlin Ticket S AB• Connection ticket• Save your destinations: Taking regular trips to your favourite places? Just open the map, get your current location and check out the travel options around you
  • Bicycle ticket Multiple transport modes: BVG Fahrinfo offers a combination of travel options for you to use throughout the city! I do not do that was no help 3 as noted in other reviews, there was no way to use favorites or re-use a recent search you had entered into the app
  • They get paid based on a quota system of how many people they stop!
  • It really is that simple! 4-trip-Ticket• BVG Fahrinfo is the official Berlin city transport map and ticket purchasing app, use it as your personal journey planner and buy tickets for all transport in and around the city
  • The trip planner works well and has almost everyplace you would want to visit in the city There were a couple of technical problems: 1 The GPS mapping portion of the app does not turn off when you minimize the app
  • The only way I found to stop it was to turn off my phone after I had used the app and then restart my phone 2 you can only buy tickets on the phone if you live in the EU
  • Apple Pay You can check out all of the information you need to travel like a local in Berlin with BVG Fahrinfo, you can also buy a ticket for any bus, train, tram or subway trip in the app
  • We offer a variety of different ticket types to fit with your life, whether you are here for a weekend or a berlin local:• The BVG Fahrinfo app has maps of all transport throughout the city including the bus, train, subway and tram
  • Google Pay• Direct debit SEPA• Monthly Ticket Apprentice AB• Why not save them and get quicker results, every destination is saved so you can start your journey quicker and plan your route
  • Tourist tickets• 7-day-Ticket AB• As a result, I used up my phone battery in 2 hours on the first day

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