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ZIM is the Central Innovation Programme for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The coming webinar will present some of the current challenges in laser welding and the theory for using beam shaping and steering to overcome these challenges.

Eyal Shekel CEO Civan Advanced Technology Talk Topic: Dynamic beam shaping for laser welding Dr.

Also a penchant for technical precision.

The laser could be used for applications such as welding thick metals in the manufacture of ships and submarines, or in the decommissioning of nuclear power plants.

Meanwhile, clientele grew to include major international customers.

BBW Lasertechnik continued its path of growth.

The partnership is supported by the Israel Innovation Authority.

Innovation in Israel BBW Lasertechnik is not the only company to have partnered with Civan lately to develop laser welding for e-mobility applications The firm recently partnered with German manufacturing experts BBW Lasertechnik to further develop laser beam welding using its dynamic beam shaping technology
The young industrial engineer had gained experience working at the company as a teenager and during his studies This project will be just two years long
CBC is based on the parallel amplification of a single seed signal that allows for coherent recombination, ramping the output power to a degree unobtainable by in-series amplifiers 113752
After some time, the company also outgrew its production facilities in Inzenham This could open up new possibilities for laser beam welding, especially for joining aluminium and copper
As a leading manufacturing service provider in the German-speaking world, we develop and produce precision laser-engineered parts for the automotive, electrical, air-conditioning and energy, and aerospace industries, as well as mechanical and plant engineering, and many other sectors His research focused on keyhole phenomena like evaporation of volatile elements and high-speed keyhole dynamics
Do you have questions about laser welding, laser cutting, laser drilling or one of our other services? This technology enables controllable beam shape, frequency, sequence and focus steering, thus providing a very high quality and defect-free processing outcome Shekel received his PhD in physics at NYU
Laser material processing is a technology of the future — and one with so much potential! See our to unsubscribe This is a very promising cooperation from which both companies will benefit
In order to be able to offer our customers complete assemblies from a single source, our wide range of services also includes the mechanical processing of sheet metals and solid materials TopLamp is an international cooperation between German and South Korean partners — BBW Lasertechnik is the German project leader and the ILT Fraunhofer Institute is the German scientific institution, whilst K-Lab and the KIMM Institute represent South Korea
Customers and employees still recall meetings and breaks on the beautiful terrace, complete with lake views and alpine panoramas Laser beam welding offers many advances compared to conventional welding processes due to evaporation of the material and the formation of a keyhole
Shekel founded Cielo, a leading company in the manufacture of Fiber Optical Gyros and navigation systems and Founder and general manager of Chiaro Networks which developed the largest optical switch in the world According to Civan, high-power single mode CBC lasers could enable innovative and highly useful capabilities, such as those in the maritime and nuclear sectors
At the moment, three different schemes on OCT project monitoring and laser welding with coloured wavelengths are in the planning or application phases Barzilay and I
The second part will focus on presenting the new Dynamic Beam Laser and its capabilities of beam shaping, shape frequency, shape sequence and focus steering Building a complete dynamic beam laser welding and drilling cell• With support from Civan developers, the welding system will be set up at BBW Lasertechnik by the end of the year
Dynamic Beam Lasers based on Coherent Beam Combining enable full control of the keyhole shape and dynamics by finetuning evaporation and thus opens new possibilities for increasing welding quality, speed, and new welding applications Moderator Matthew Dale, Editor, Laser System Europe Sponsored by
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As orders increased, BBW Lasertechnik moved to larger premises in Inzenham near Prutting, Germany, in 1999 Sie haben Fragen? It is also the first to scale up the technology and offer commercial products in a wide range of power levels
Shekel is the founder and CEO of Civan Lasers — the first company to develop industrial lasers based on Coherent Beam Combining Previously, the shape and stability of the vapour capillary determined the geometry and quality of the weld seam

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