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  • In Germany, 56% of the people polled said they'd get moving in 2020
  • Yes, 53% of Germans hope to be in exactly that spot in 2020 — or at least find a little more time for themselves
  • Now 11% of the people polled said they were planning on trying to stop in 2020
  • A recent poll put Chancellor Angela Merkel's asylum policy as for most Germans
  • Deutsche Popmusik 2020 März - Deutsche Pop Lieder 2020 - 2
  • This trend is even stronger among young people aged 14-29: 47% of them hope to spend more time offline
  • Post reviews, videos, and anything music related
  • We recommend you to check other playlists or our favorite music charts
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  • Time to put the smartphone down
  • Explainer: Migrants in Germany Economic worries Germany has suffered from a chronic birth deficit in recent years and, as a result, has one of the world's oldest populations
  • Numerical assessments put the number of net arrivals from abroad at between 300,000 and 350,000, though this figure is in decline for the fourth consecutive year
  • But next year, you'll see each other more often, that's for sure
  • No trolling or insulting others
  • While eating healthy food and working out could well lead to shedding extra pounds, 36% of the poll respondents were honest about what they ultimately wanted to achieve in 2020: slim down
  • Be more environmentally friendly Greta Thunberg's school strike for climate movement definitely got the Germans thinking they should at least try to do more for the environment
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  • You have to cram too many dinners and parties at the end of the year in a last-minute attempt to claim you haven't completely lost touch with your loved ones
  • Germany's population continues to grow but at a slower rate than at any time since 2012, according to numbers released by the Federal Statistics Office on Friday
  • After all, Poland isn't too far behind
  • Just as many had it on their list of resolutions in 2019
  • Neuheiten 2020 Musik Charts Aktuell charts märz 2020 neusten lieder 2020 charts aktuell top 100 charts germany 2020 radio hits 2020 aktuelle charts märz 2020 musik 2020 musik 2020 neu charts musik 2020 neu charts deutsch neue deutsche musik 2020 aktuelle hits aktuelle hits 2020 deutsche charts deutsche musik german top 100 single charts 2020 hits 2020 deutsch musik trends 2020 charts 2020 musik 2020 musik 2020 neu charts top 100 charts germany 2020 deutsche charts aktuelle charts 2020 2020 musik beste musik 2020 musik charts 2020 Charts märz 2020, april 2020, may 2020, juni 2020, 2020, august 2020, september 2020, oktober 2020, november 2020, dezember 2020, Januar 2021, februar 2021 etc less
  • It's the country's second favorite resolution: 64% have it on their list for 2020
  • Does anyone here know what is going on? It does remain the world's fourth top beer-drinking country after the Czech Republic, Namibia and Austria, so there's something to it

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