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Not least for his parliament high-rise building in Bonn, inaugurated in 1969
Adam Wieland, head of the metal workshop at the Technical University of Karlsruhe since 1963, further developed Egon Eiermann's table frame by tilting the diagonally arranged cross braces vertically and releasably connecting them to the side panels In addition to the likes of Arne Jacobsen or Alvar Aalto Egon Eiermann was one of the main representatives of a branch of functionalism that called for, and got, clear, light designs
Wenige Tage danach begutachtet Egon Eiermann den neuen Entwurf und ist begeistert In the smow online shop we use a number of tools to both continually improve the functionality of our website and also to offer you a tailor-made shopping experience
Because each extension can be individually adjusted the extensions also allow the table frame to be angled, for example, for use as a drawing table 1958 German pavilion, Brussels Continuation of modernism: With his non-dogmatic designs aligned with Bauhaus ideals Eiermann determined the image of the young German republic
Every Design Connected product set is a curated selection of premium CG products perfectly matched into ready-to-use arrangements features The table consists of a simple - mostly in silver or black - with the characteristic "X" shape and deposited thereon wood panel, which usually with white coated and beech is provided
If you do not agree to this, you have the option of adjusting your settings individually In 1995 a furniture dealer acquired the rights to the term "Egon Eiermann" and its products
Regardless of where you work
Producer In 1995 received permission to produce Egon Eiermann's 1953 table frame and in addition to producing the original Eiermann also brought the adapted and licence-free 1965 version with the vertical supporting crossbar, the Eiermann 2, onto the market
One of Germany's leading post-war architects and architectural theoreticians, Egon Eiermann was also one of post-war Europe's most important chair designers, not just in context of what he realised, but also in context of what he worked towards realising and the reasons why CG Content You'll get this CG Connected product as part of the set
Thus ensuring the work surface you deserve All requests received during this period will be our main priority starting April 18th, 2017

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Utilising a minimum of material to achieve a maximum of stability in an object that remains true to Eiermann's aesthetic principles, the Eiermann table frame 1 is as unique in its construction as it is flexible in its uses.

It allowed for a highly flexible building floor plan and, by means of structural unification, it also provided a consistent corporate identity for the store chain.

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Designed in 1953 by the table frame is composed of two steel tube side elements joined, and stabilised, by a diagonally attached crossbar.

In 2009 the PC holder was completely redesigned in cooperation with product designer.

The continuation of modern building in the young, cosmopolitan Federal Republic owes much to his influence.

Eiermann worked as on the 1926 film.

works that, more often than not were accompanied by controversial, heated, discussions on account of Eiermann's modernist approach. Objects such as the Eiermann Table or his numerous chair projects not only being appreciated then but having become design classics since. Design Connected supports design students The student discount program applies to all royalty-free 3d models on the Design Connected website. - Flexibility in height and angle To allow for more individual height adjustment options these Eiermann Table extensions allow the basic height of 65 cm to be increased in five stages of 35 mm up to maximum height of 85 cm. By default only. 1965 braucht Klaus Brunner, ein Assistent von Egon Eiermann, infolge seines Umzugs nach Freiburg eine transportable Version des Tischgestells das Egon Eiermann 1953 entworfen hat.

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