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Die Disc Anordnung ist seltsam.

Instead of being ambushed by Butch Cavendish and being the 'lone' survivor of his Texas Ranger team, forever hunted by Cavendish as he goes about his business looking to bring the nasty Cavendish to justice, good-guy cop Reno Raines' wife girlfriend? Seltsam, aber ich will nicht zu sehr meckern.

Seitdem durchstreift er das Land.

Aber damit kann ich leben.

Wolf 5 4 Deputy Morgan 2 17 Deputy Will Foster 2 19 Der King 3 4 Det.

: Lisa St.

  • OK, it seems everybody here is blasting this show for it's cheesy tissue-thin plots, mediocre acting and repetitive stunts
  • englisch Einzelnachweise [ ]• September 1992 USA Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung 18
  • He fit the role like a glove
  • John Renegade — Gnadenlose Jagd Originaltitel: Renegade ist eine , die in den USA vom 17
  • Die restlichen Staffeln sind nur noch Formsache und gedanklich schon gekauft
  • Jack Winslow 2 5 Shannon 3 16 Shannon Meadows 5 8 Sheriff 4 3 Sheriff Jack Durham 1 13 Sheriff John Warren 2 19 Sheriff Roy Stoner 1 16 Sherry 2 11 Smokey 5 2 Stacy 3 11 Susan Caruso 2 6 T-Bone 1 11 Tanya Mason 2 16 Teddy Ray Thompson 5 2 Terence Mavens 1 13 Teresa Romero 4 1 Teri Hops 5 10 Terry Houston 3 8 Tex Dupree 3 13 Tina Douglas 4 3 Tina Rogers 3 4 Tina Wendell 1 2 Tony O'Malley 5 11 Tony Spano 4 10 Tracy Harris 2 13 Trike 5 5 Trikes Freundin 5 5 Twink 4 21 Vicky 5 2 Victoria 2 12 Victoria J 5 5 Radiosprecherin 3 1

In fact, not only was the Bon Jovi mega-hit 'Wanted: Dead or Alive' the inspiration for this show, the original 3-minute film used to sell the series to prospective syndication customers across the nation was accompanied by the complete song as it's soundtrack.

Februar 1994 auf Besetzung• : Sandy Carruthers• Von da an ist er Vince Black; er durchstreift in den Folgen einsam das Land auf der Flucht vor der Polizei und auf der Jagd nach Verbrechern.

Johnny Starns 3 6 Detective Caruso 2 18 Dianne Schaffer 3 5 Donald Dixon Jr.

Ehrungen [ ] Young Artist Awards 1996• So what? Just enjoy it for what it is: An hour-long diversion with a cool bike, a couple other cool cars, some good-looking heroic people doing heroic things, and a clear 'good vs evil' plot line.

After crooked cop Lieutenant "Dutch" Dixon kills his girlfriend and frames him for murder, Reno Raines escapes from jail and goes on the run.

bei schnittberichte.


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