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  • I recall that the company commander of this LS outfit was CPT Harry Jahn
  • Very nice especially with the detail and the surfaces where there were repaved spots
  • The acting First Sergeant was SFC Milton Winters
  • Great job on the research and compilation of this unit history! The Class II, IV, and VII supply activity formerly AK4424 was redesignated WK4GBW and the number of supported customers has risen to well over 200 due to many unit reorganizations and moves during the year
  • Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989
  • I was the shop officer at Hq and Co A
  • 8 8903rd Civilian Labor Group - The unit provides General Support and back-up Direct Support for military standard equipment generally associated with the tank-automotive, engineer, electronic and armament commodities and also provides support for the Theater Army Repair Programs TARP and for the Combat Material Upgrade Programs CHU

"Our soldiers are assigned to five platoons -- Headquarters, Technical Supply, Mechanical Maintenance, Direct Support, and Service Platoon.

The 66th provided direct support to the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment.

relinquished command of the 546th Maintenance Company to CPT Kenneth H.

Walter Elkins webmaster,usarmygermany.

This track is part of the project.

Bldg 3141, ESC-K which housed the Light Engineer Platoon was taken over by the 5th Maintenance Company and ESC-K for use of a Small Arms Repair Area and Refrigeration repair area respectively Source: Email from John Ballard, 538th Maint Co, 1969- John has also provided comments on his assignments to and the
More than 11,000 line items of issue are stocked in the ordnance supply section, headed by Sfc Agneu Stanley Many of those cited changes, re-organizations, and re-designations did NOT happen as listed [planned]
In the past years, complete shut-down wall-to-wall inventories were conducted with little support to customers during inventory periods A and assumed the duties of Battalion Training NCO
The German town of Hockenheim has become synonymous with motor racing thanks to its famous circuit, which has transformed from a high-speed blast through the forests to a thoroughly modern autodrome - The reporting period is 1 January 1976 to 20 June 1976
"Stock records weren't always accurate when they were done by hand," Munno said There was talk of us beginning work on the first Vulcan-Chaparral equipped tank
" said Capt Dean A " 8907th Civilian Support Group Related Links:
The intra-Battalion sports program continues with active support from the units The 8903rd CSG received a certificate of achievement and plaque Sept
The company replaces engines and services some 1,000 wheeled vehicles and 450 tracked vehicles Photo: Sp4 J
; and 43rd Ord 371st Ord Det IFCR T-38 Wiesbaden [1] supporting 443rd AAA Bn? One of the funniest sights that I saw while working there was in one of the far back lots; there were three really large anchors for ships and nobody knew when or how they got there

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