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9 BMI Obese Class I 30 - 34.

Rebecca falls next and pink is out, and then Dina so blue is out.

9 BMI Obese Class II 35 - 39.

Tracey chooses to take the two-pound advantage out of a fear that one of the other contestants would jump over the line before her when the amount of weight offered was higher.

This decision was supported by Admiral , then commanding officer of Hornet.

Daniel cries during the workout and talks about how his mom was always trying to stop him from gaining weight, but he always saw it as her not loving him for who he was.

Daniel says that it's sort of expected for him to do well, since he's been home before.

After that, the remaining two lowest will be up for elimination.

  • Before setting off to train everyone else, Bob and Jillian sit Tracey down for a talk, and tell her to stop, think, and stare fear in the face without panicking
  • Ali: "Good players help themselves; great players help others
  • Shay? He says, "winning the show was not the goal; making the decision to change was winning
  • Jillian focuses particularly on Daniel, saying that he's been through two seasons and that he's just not showing the intensity as though there's something he's not telling her
  • Jillian is shown working out with Dina, with the step stool
  • The weights are a shock to many, including trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper
It turns out that Liz grabbed Danny's video instead, and he starts crying 8 9 3
Liz starts the voting; she says five weeks ago she would not have written this name down, but now they need to stay together as a team Allen says Tracey is actually the stronger player, and he suggest they remove emotions to make the decisions
Allen then goes to blue and Abby to black The older group is shown discussing possibilities
For each team, only one player will weigh in for the entire team that week Rudy finishes first, then Amanda, and then Danny and Liz finish together
Biggest Loser history Week 7 [ ] First aired October 27, 2009 Bob takes his blue team to the pool, while Jillian works in the gym with her black team
2007: Screen Actors Guild Award — Beste Darstellerin in einer Fernsehserie — Drama: Chandra Wilson• 4 25 Going into the weigh in, everyone is anxious because of all the restaurant food
Back at the house, Danny plays and sings a song he wrote about their time at the Biggest Loser Ranch Bob says he has brought 20 years of pain with him and he's struggling
Dina is next and she says she is disappointed by the week and not getting on the platform; she loses 6 The initial weigh-in featured three Biggest Loser records: the greatest number of contestants having initial weights exceeding 400 pounds five, four males and one female and the heaviest female and heaviest contestant overall Shay, weighing in at 476 pounds

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