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public bonds, liquid bonds, etc.

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It may have errors, and is provided on an "as is" basis with no guarantees of completeness, accuracy, usefulness or timeliness.

It has offices in the three time zones Europe, Asia and North America, and centrally manages all key asset classes such as equities, bonds and real estate.

Probability and speed of order execution 5.

System failure In the event of system failures or other events outside the Company's sphere of influence that make it impossible or unreasonable to apply the Execution Principles, the Company will endeavour to achieve the best possible execution for the orders in question under the prevailing conditions MEAG also offers its extensive know-how to institutional investors and private clients from outside the Group
Supervisory law reporting Compiling a full reporting package for all investments managed by MEAG Quality of the execution Fixed interest securities e
ihk-muenchen executed on a market suited to this purpose in the context of portfolio or fund management
The volume of the assets we manage enables us to offer our clients inexpensive conditions and outstanding security for their investments The forwarding of the order is deemed to be the achievement of the best possible result when executing the order
Calculation by means of a transparent optimisation procedure understandable for the investor Equities: 1
This review is conducted once a year and when the Company becomes aware of a material change that means that the execution of orders in the best interests of the customer can no longer be guaranteed at the execution venues covered by the Execution Principles Contractual documentation 2
Consent is not a requirement of purchase We look forward to receiving your application! The colleagues advise clients on strategic matters pertaining to their capital investments and are responsible for the tactical investment management
Transaction costs 3 Financial instruments with only one execution venue For some financial instruments there is only one trading venue
Awarded Competence Numerous awards for MEAG investment funds from renowned rating agencies or publishing houses prove that MEAG is extremely successful for its investors By clicking the button above, you agree to our
They not only know the complex restrictions and regulations that investments are subject to, they also know the markets and which securities, instruments and techniques can be used to accomplish which investment objectives Probability and speed of order execution 4
MEAG's constant exchange of expertise and know-how with Munich Re helps it recognise investment risks early, and make the most of opportunities Transaction costs 3
MEAG works to make sure clients' nest eggs aren't meager Individualised changes to the Execution Principles These Execution Principles can be amended by individual Contractual agreements between the Company and the respective customer, in particular with regard to the choice of counterparties for the various groups of orders in financial instruments
For us, institutional services means individually customised and continuous support throughout the entire value-generation process Executing, receiving and forwarding orders The portfolio managers of the Companies must assess and weight the above criteria by comparing various offers before placing an order with the counterparty
Compliance For us, the term "compliance" stands for the principles and legal requirements for, and the ensuring of, a collaboration between customers, companies, management and staff that is based on fairness and trust Ensuring proper legal bookkeeping
l 2 Proven expertise in the field of sustainability Acting responsibly has a long tradition at Munich Re Group
This can in particular be the case when internal best execution evaluations conducted additionally by the Company find that an order can be executed at better terms at another venue or with another counterparty MEAG is one of the world's biggest asset managers, and it supports its partners in their global activities
MEAG is the asset manager of Munich Re and ERGO Comprehensive reporting with both an accounting and a financial orientation
Our worldwide presence with units in Munich, New York and Hong Kong enables us to work the market efficiently at a global level Transaction costs 4

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