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By 1920, Alfred Ritter Schokolade und Zuckerwarenfabrik employed some 40 workers, and the demand for Ritter candy products kept rising Key Dates: 1912: Alfred and Clara Ritter start a family business
After World War II began in September 1939, it became increasingly difficult to maintain production Meanwhile, the company introduced another novelty in the chocolate industry in 1974
By 1987, exports accounted for over 9 percent of the company's sales The couple decided to buy an inner-city property in Band Cannstadt, a house with a large warehouse space
The factory they first leased and later bought was built as a chocolate factory, and the property seemed to be spacious enough to contain future expansions 1932: Ritter's Sport Chocolate is introduced
Beginning in 1950, cocoa was available again in West Germany without any limitations In Italy and Austria, Switzerland and Denmark, the United States and Japan--the concept of the "other chocolate" is understood everywhere because one sees, feels, and tastes the difference
By 2002, Ritter Sport's market share in the 100-gram segment had climbed to over 24 percent Guided tours can be booked on request
Extra space on the property was utilized to grow different kinds of berries which were used to make fruit-flavored cream fillings At the same time, Ritter focused its advertising on its chocolate, often with unconventional methods
From then on, the two took turns in heading the board every five years It was then sealed closed with a thin layer of special glue that was easy to open
American soldiers who gave out chocolate bars to German civilians after the war contributed to this trend In 2003, the company was planning to introduce its new "Active-Range," which was targeted at young people
000 employees in Waldenbuch, Germany and by its many customers worldwide. The 37-year-old had joined the family business in 1937, after he had gained some practical experience as an apprentice at three different candy and chocolate manufacturing companies. During the 1980s and 1990s, the company had made increasing gains against its major competitor in the market for 100-gram chocolate bars. 1940: The company is closed down until the end of World War II. Practical. In 1974, the company made another bold move when it introduced a new packaging design. 1960: Alfred Otto Ritter decides to focus solely on Ritter Sport chocolate bars. On one hand, it provided opportunities to acquire financially struggling businesses. After some more experimenting, the company came up with a solution. All trademarks belong to their rightful owners, all materials to their authors.

Despite all difficulties, Alfred and Clara Ritter kept up faith in their business.


1932: Ritter's Sport Chocolate is introduced.

Clara took care of marketing and sales, as well as of the financial side.

" Cream chocolate bars were not solid but hollow and were filled with different kinds of fillings.

The Ritter Sport brand was connected with a catchy slogan: "Square.

The main problem during the years immediately following World War II was the same as before the war: scarce raw materials.

An optional two day extension to Brussels is also available, for those hankering for Belgian chocolate.

After some more experimenting, the company came up with a solution.

There are a cafe and factory outlet shop on the premises.

Ritter sport fabrik is the new Spotify

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