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The fragrance remains completely true to its fresh line.

Final I can say: even if the heart has won only because the mind has agreed, I'm glad when Orion moves in with me! Orion is also a great alternative for Hacivat owners who are their Hacivat too fruity or synthetic.

It's really a touchy subject with the so called Aventus Dupes.

As hot as the thick clouds of steam were, they had a calming and refreshing effect on Paolo.

The performance is far better than Aventus and lasts forever on my skin.

I can highly recommend Orion by Tiziana Terenzi to anyone who, for whatever reason, is looking for an Aventus alternative The synthetic sucks.

However, you had to hand it to him that he had a distinct talent for creating beautiful infusions.

The time for this fragrance is, as already angeteasert, definitely the summer.

If you require a full bottle please purchase from the 'Full Bottles' section.

Our father Evelino often accompanied us on holiday trips with his sailboat made entirely of fragrant wood.

I notice that there are many fine noses here that can analyze the scent to the last.


Now I received my second bottle of Orion today and after today's wear or retest, I can really say Orion is for me an absolutely independent fragrance, which can set off by its woody notes, more Moss and a great green note of Aventus.

We would depart in the middle of the night accompanied by light breezes that trailed the cheerful scent of the Mediterranean scrub throughout the entire voyage.

Citrus overtakes the green, and the Oud is coming out.

5 stars all round.

Further, the aroma of thyme and coniferous cedar is heard, the aroma of which is heard throughout the entire sound.

The belief that all men and women know Aventus and therefore appeal to me is just a belief and not a fact.

The perfect combination of heavy silage and continuous longevity ensures that all eyes are on you as you enter This, of course, made me curious
A certain, distant resemblance he has, BUT mMn For me, more similarity to Bucephalus No
At some stages of sounding, with coniferous notes and its richness, it resembles Aventus , Orion unrestricted usable
Orion is a result of that faraway echo The top note is really nice and even heftier than that of the Aventus
Smells evoke memories of people, situations and other events in our lives Orion by Tiziana Terenzi is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women and men
Purchase reason: The description of a YouTube Will be bought again: Yes Blind purchase: Yes Comment: A comparison with Aventus is superfluous and unnecessary See you in 2021! That may already be the first big difference for me
But this is somewhat diminished by the quite woody orientation Yes this is similar but way much better
I hardly ever make a truly erratic, spontaneous decision The photo is used as a reference only
This problem has come up again through Orion The rocks and forests are mirrored in the crystal clear water of one of the most beautiful bays in Italy, which is protected by two peaks, the Two Sisters, that were thrown into the sea by the gods
I dated a young man who wore that and I loved it on him, so it was nice to reminisce Any resemblance, no matter how small, is a criterion for exclusion and the fragrance gets a bad rating

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